Conditions of Admission

To be admitted to L.K.G. a girl must be 3.5 years plus in the current year. On dates fixed by the Principal, Registration Forms will be issued on which the date for the Entrance Test will be indicated. With the Application form the Birth Certificate must be produced. The date of birth once entered will not be changed.

No student from another school will be admitted without a Transfer Certificate. She is also required to appear for an Entrance Test.

The final decision with regard to admission rests with the Principal.

Recommendations are NOT considered and donations NOT ACCEPTED.

The school must receive, one month in advance, a letter notifying discontinuance from Tuition and Bus or Fees for both these items will be charged for one full month prior to withdrawal of a student from school. The Transfer Certificate will not be issued until fees etc have been paid in full.

The School year begins in April (Baisakh) and ends in March (Chaitra). There will be summer holidays in July. Holidays will be given in October/November for Dashain and Diwali.

General Rules:

  • Vacancies will not be kept for late comers unless a written application has been sent.
  • Parents are urged to send their children on the Re-opening Day of Each Term.
  • The Principal is empowered to insist on the withdrawal of a child in the interest of the school.
  • Children are not to wear rings, Locket, Fancy Watches or any kind of jewellery for school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
  • Hair styles should be simple. Noย  Kajal should be used for the eyes.
  • No teacher or students is permitted to receive phone calls during class hours.