Class 4 Grammar

1.Tick(√)the sentences that give complete meaning.

a. Mina is sitting on the sofa.(   )

b. sofa the sitting Mina is.(   )

c. sitting chair the on is Anil.(   )

d. Anil is sitting on the chair.(   )

e. They are watching TV.(   )

f. TV are they watching.(   )

g. Kumar is watering the plants.(   )

h. watering Kumar plants is the.(   )

2. Rearrange them to make sentences that give complete meaning.

a. are Pandas found in China

b. They animals rarest are one of the

c. Only pandas surviving a few world are in the

d. The decreasing number is all time the

e. Pandas skins are mainly killed for their valuable

f. skins their unique are and so rare