Class 4 social(14 may)

Unit-1. lesson-4 Mutual help between neighbours.(note down in your social copy)

Q.1. Why did Rajeshor go to Siraha ?
ans. Rajeshor had to go Siraha because his father works in a government office and was transferred to Siraha.

2. How did his neighbours help his family settle into the new place ?
ans. When they reached the new place, his neighbours Rabi Mahato offered them a flat and lent some of his extra furniture. Shanti kaki lent a broom and dustbin and helped to clean their rooms. Ramila didi took them to the market and shops, introduced to other neighbours, and showed them the hospital, school, bus stop, telecom and local market.

3. How was Rajeshor made comfortable in his new school ?
ans. In his new school, Rajeshor forgot to carry his pencil box, a girl named Rita shared her pencil with him. They became friends. During lunch time, his classmates gathered around him and asked him about his old school and friends. They also told him about the rules and regulations of this new school. He felt very comfortable talking and listening to them.

4. Write any two reasons that neighbours are important.
ans. Two reasons that neighbours are important are :
a) We can borrow or lend things.
b) We can help each other in time of needs.

Q.Write true for correct statements and false for incorrect statements.

a. We should not lend goods to our neighbours.(   )

b. We can survive without the help of our neighbours.(   )

c. If we help our neighbours, they also help us when we are in need.(   )

d. Helping each other is not a good habit.(   )