1. a) Long Answer questions

1) “Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious country”. Justify the statement.

Ans-People of Nepal belong to different ethnic and religious groups.We live here together in harmony.Just like a garden that looks beautiful with many different varieties of flowers,castes,languages,costumes and religion.Every ethnic or religious group has their own languages,dress,food,songs,dance, religion and festivals.Their unique language,dress,foods,religion and festivals give them their own identity.We recognize a person from the language that they speak or that they wear or a festivals that they celebrate or a religion that they follow. Different languages,festivals,costumes and foods etc help us to strengthen the bonding between different ethnic and religious communities.Without the help and support of the others in the society, one can’t survive.Hence,together in harmony people who belong to different ethnic and religious communities speaking different languages following different religions live in Nepal.

Nepal is a country well equipped with many cultures,languages,traditions,religions etc. All of us respect eachother and are united although we are different.Therefore,Nepal isknown asย  multi-lingual and multi-religious country.