Class V

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Notice for Class 5-B

Dear parents,

This is to inform you that  we are going to start our online zoom class from Monday june 29,2020 .  So,I would like to request you all to join with me in messenger (Dahal Bohara Radhika) by tomorrow.  For more details contact me in this number 9817378770.

Thank you.

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Notice for Class-5-A

Dear parents,

This is to inform you that we are going to start online classes through Zoom App from Sunday(i.e. 28 th June 2020). So, I request you to join me in messenger(Anuja Pokhrel) 5A.

Note: You need to add your respective class-teacher by Saturday.
Thank you.

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Class-5, Computer, 2020-06-26


Computer Peripherals

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is an output device? What is the role of an output device?

Ans:- An output device is a device that helps to display or print the processed data. The role of an output device is to obtain information after processing data.

8.What is a monitor ? Name the basic types of monitors?

Ans:- A monitor is an output device that displays the output in the form of text, audio, videos and images on its screen. It looks like a television.

The basic types of monitors are:

  1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).
  2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  3. LED (Light Emitting Diode).
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Class-5, English, 2020-06-25

Unit – 6. Pronouns

A. Rewrite the sentences replacing the nouns with suitable pronouns.

E.g a. Nikhil is a tall boy.
ans. He is a tall boy.

b. Ram, Shyam and Hari blamed me of theft.

c. Allan is a busy teacher.

d. Tina has a red dress.

e. Mr Chaudhary, the Dean, is an honest person.

f. Sareena often plays basketball.

g. A dog has almost forty-two teeth.

h. The appartus has wonderful cooling system.

i. A dictionary is a thick book.

j. Geeta is fond of her parrot.

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Class-5, Social, 2020-06-25

Lesson : 5 Good People of my District
1. Answer the following questions

a) Why is Birman Singh respected by everyone in his district ?
1. Ans :- Birman Singh is respected by everyone in his district because he promotes harmony and cooperation in the
district. He works as a mediator in his district. The villagers call him “Jetha Ba”. Everybody knows him and trust him. He helps to settle all minor local disputes in fairness justice. He also has good knowledge about maps , land ,
measurement and house construction. He can solve the disputes occur at the time of buying and selling of land or
constructing a house. So whenever there is a dispute, people say, “Let’s call Jetha Ba to settle the problem”.

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Class-5, Nepali, 2020-06-23

सगरमाथाको बारेमा  तिमीले जानेका कुरा लेख।

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Class 5, English, 2020-06-22

Unit – 6 Pronouns.

Pronouns are used in place of nouns. E.g I, we,you, he, she, they, it etc are pronouns.

C. Fill in the right pronouns in the blanks spaces.

a. I saw……..last night. ( he, him, his )

b. Where did you see………..? ( she, her, hers )

c. We don’t like……………either. ( their, them, they )

d. Where was…………….? ( he, him, his )

e. We saw…………….at the library. ( she, her, hers )

f. ………………was at the theatre. ( he, him, his )

g. I like……………. . ( she, her, hers )

h. They dont like…………….. . ( we, us, our, ours )

i. She likes……………..too. She saw…………yesterday.  ( I, me, my, mine )

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Class-5, Computer, 2020-06-19


Computer Peripherals

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is a stylus?

Ans:- A stylus is a pen-shaped input device that is used to draw lines on a surface as input into a device..


  1. What is an optical character reader?

Ans:- A device capable of detecting alphabetical and numeric characters on a page of typed or hand written text is called an optical character reader.