Assignment no:  2                                                                                      Date: May 4, 2020          Subject: Science
Class: 3
Dear parents and students,

Go through the links provided to learn about the order of operation and then access yourself by attempting the questions in the attached document under exercises. After completing your assignment, email it to the address provided.

Q1. Write the differences between living and non-living things .
=The differences between living and non-living things are :

Q2. Write any five features of non-living things.
=.    Any five features of non-living things are :
(I).   Non-living things cannot move.
(II).  Non-living things cannot grow .
(III). Non-living things cannot breathe .
(Iv). Non-living things do not need food.
(V). Non-living things donot feel any change.

Q3. List out any five living and five non-living
that  you know.


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