Chapter:- 3

Input and Output devices

  1. Select the best answer :
  2. The commonly used pointing devices are.
  3. Trackball
  4. Joystick
  • Touchpad
  1. All of these

Ans:-  iv. All of these.


  1. ………… is the computer screen, which responds to the touch of a finger or other pointer.
  2. Touchpad
  3. Pointing stick
  • Touch screen
  1. None of the above

Ans:- iii. Touch screen.

  1. The ………. Monitors are heavy and consume a lot of power.
  2. CRT
  3. LED
  • LCD
  1. None of the above

Ans:- iii. CRT


  1. ……………. Is a device that can take an image from a video source and project it onto a large screen.
  2. Webcam
  3. Multimedia projector
  • Digital camera
  1. None of the above.

Ans:- ii. Multimedia projector.