Unit-1. Lesson-3. Use and care of occupational tools.
(Note down in your social copy)

Q. Answer the following questions :

a. Where is Shantipur ?
ans. Shantipur is at Gulmi district.

b. Name some of the tools seen by Rohan in the shed.
ans. Some of the tools that Rohan had seen in the shed were halo, hasiya, kodalo, kuto, bancharoo, aara, khukuri, damlo, dori, nanglo etc.

c. What makes the life of villagers easier ?
ans. The uses of various tools makes the life of villagers easier.

d. What did Rohan learn from Tul mama ?
ans. From Tul mama, Rohan learnt that a person must always use tools carefully to avoid any misfortune.

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