Unit – 2. Lesson – 6. Good people of my country.

Let’s Revise.

2. Name the festival.

a. Tharu community celebrates this festival. They eat various dishes like pigeon’s meat, fish, teel ko laddu, pork curry, jharra roti etc on this day. They also perform Sakhiya, Ghumra, Jhumra etc dances on this day.
ans. Maghi

b. People living in Darchula district celebrate this festival. They sing Deuda song and dances Deuda dance in circle by holding each other’s hand on this day.
ans. Gaura parva

c. Rajbansi community celebrates this festival. It is observed on the 1st of Baishakh every year. They splash water, abir and colour on each other on this day.
ans. Siruwa parva

3. Can you recognize these people ?

a. She works for the children of imprisoned parents to help them live a normal life.
ans. Pushpa Basnet.

b. He is addressed as ‘God of Sight’.
ans. Dr. Sanduk Ruit

c. She is famous for fighting against girls trafficking.
ans. Anuradha Koirala

d. He has conducted research on the history and culture of Nepal.
ans. Satyamohan Joshi

1. a. If you meet a famous social worker of your district, what questions will you ask him / her ? Prepare any four questions.

b. What good works do you want to do for your society in future ? List any four works.

2. With the help of your parent / guardian, write the names of any three people from your district / country and their contributions to the society.