Lesson 4  Good Deeds Never Go Wasted



1.Read the lesson 4{Good Deeds Never Wasted} and do ex.3,pg 18 true or false.

 2 Answer the following questions.


  1. Write the differences you find between the behaviors of Gangaram and Dayaram.

Behavior of Gangaram

  • Gangaram was proud and selfish.
  • He believed that everybody else was inferior to him.
  • His behavior was rude and arrogant towards those whom he considered below him.
  • He sent his son to school but his daughters stayed at home doing the household work.
  • Because of his selfish and arrogant behavior nobody love and respect him.

Behavior of Dayaram

  • Dayaram was kind,polite and helpful.
  • He behaved and treated all the people equally.
  • He believed goodness comes from the heart not from caste,status,or any other kind of material possessions.
  • He sent both his son and daughter to school.
  • Due to his forward thinking everybody loved and respected him.







  1. What incident happened at Dayaram house?How did the villagers help him?

Ans- One day a fire broke out at Dayaram’s house. He almost lost everything in that incident but luckily he and his family were safe. The villagers helped him by giving him food,shelter and clothes. They also collected fund to rebuild his house.

4.Why did Gangaram apologize to the villagers?

Ans-Almost after one year,a flood occurred and Gangaram’s house,lands and all his property were washed away. But because of his selfish and arrogant behavior nobody was interested to help him. Dayaram was the first to lend him a helping hand. The villagers then followed  Dayaram’s footsteps and come forward to help Gangaram. Gangaram had learned a hard lesson that day. The people with whom he had behaved and treated rudely were helping him and his family. He broke into tears and promised to change himself. After this incident, Gangaram thanked everyone and apologized for his previous behavior.