Unit : 2   Our Traditions , Social Values and Norms

Lesson : 1     Our Glourious Traditions


  1. a) Answer the following questions

1) Why do we celebrate festivals?

Ans) We celebrate festivals because its an occasion of social gathering. It sends a message in the society that besides small issues and misunderstnading we humans collectively make a big family on this planet earth. As most of the festivals occur once in a year, so it becomes a day in our life for taking new resolutions. Festivals also give us sense of enjoyemnt, relaxation and offer the time needed to bond with family members whom we really see.

2) How are untounchable people treated in the society?

Ans: Untouchable, also the Dalit or tallo jaat, officially Scheduled Caste, are treated very badly in our society. They are considered impure from birth, untouchables perform jobs that are traditionally considered unclean or exceedingly menial and for very little pay. One million dalit work as manual scavengers, cleaning latrines and sewers by hand and cleaning away dead animals.

The people considered untouchable by the society are not allowed to draw water from the public well ,visit the temples and sit equally with others.