Lesson  : 5 Empathy


Answer the following question

  1. a) Why did Bishnu’s friend laugh and tease him?

Ans : Bishnu failed in mathematics, he was the only student who had failed in his class so all his friends laughed and teased him


  1. b) Why did Bishnu become sad?What changes had come in his behaviour?

Ans : Bishnu became sad because all of his friend laughed and teased him. He stopped talking to his friends. He even stopped playing with his friends . He started to stay alone and looked depressed .

  1. c) How did Sujata help Bishnu in his studies?

Ans : Sujata was well aware of her friend’s hard working natrure.So, she thought of a way to help him. They planned to meet after school. They practised and revised the lessons together.

Sujata helped him to solved the problem


  1. d) What did you learn from the lesson “Empathy”?

Ans: We learnt that we should always try to understand the and feel other’s pain and help