Storage Devices

Answer the following questions:

  1. Define the secondary storage of a computer system with examples.

Ans:- The media which stores data and programs for a future reference are called secondary storage. It is a non volatile storage device. It is used to store a large volume of data and programs on permanent basis which can be partially transferred to the primary memory for further processing, when required. Examples: floppy disk , harddisk, CD-ROM, pen drive,etc.


  1. Differentiate between primary and secondary memory.

Ans:- The differences between primary and secondary memory are:-

Primary memory Secondary memory
i)          It is known as main memory. i)It is known as additional or backup memory.
ii) These memories are also called as internal memory. ii) These memories are also called external memory.
iii) It is categorized as volatile and non volatile memories. iii) It is always categorized as non volatile memories.
iv)These memories are more effective and fast to interact with the micro-processor. iv) These memories are some what slow in interacting with the micro-processor.