A Legendary Hero of Our Nation-:’Prithvi Narayan Shah’

Prithvi Narayan Shah was born in 1779 BS in the place of Gorkha. He was born to King Narabhupal and Queen Kaushaiyawati. He was born in seven months. Everybody looked the healthy child of premature period and said,”He can make an extra-ordinary man”.

Prithvi Narayan Shah had so many brothers and sisters. But,he was made the King of in 1799 BS after his father’s demise. He took an oath in the name of nation that he would be a glorious head. He was a foresighted politician,and was a clever administrator. He ruled the nation in spite of a guardian leader.

Called by the name of Prithvi by his fellow people,he was of a name. He thought the  border visiting British_India troops would invade Nepal which was divided in different local kingdoms. He felt the need of national unification ever way. He was therefore determined about saving Nepal from the insiders and outsiders,both types of enemies. He then fought against the enemies of our nation one after another. He developed friendship with some kingdoms and let others remain  under his rule  at certain privilege. Geographically unified Nepal today is the rules of Prithvi Narayan’s contribution. Nation is something,unity is something:we are proud of our icon of nationality. Warm  salute to those working for the nation.

Any person brave is brave,foresighted is foresighted. And,Prithvi Narayan Shah was the one the nation deserved. He was the only person yet to think about the nation at its own risk.